Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Day

How did you spend your snow day? I stayed home and watched movies all day. Did anyone do anything productive or interesting?


Kimberlea said...

I cleaned my kitchen, which I trashed yesterday making Chicken Tortilla Soup ...mmmm. I ate alll day and drank a few beers, drank 2 smoothies, watched a marathon of "The Real Housewives of Orange County". I LOVE your snow men! They looked normal size hahahah until you show the picture of the trunk. Love it!! Hmmm a whole another day of this!? :)

wondercat930 said...

The snowmen are fantastic! My day hasn't been productive, but enjoyable. I called my parents in Maryland and my brother in Boston to brag about our snow day...they always get a kick out of the drama over a little ice. Then I went outside for a bit to take a few pictures for evidence in case anyone ever questions snow in Texas...everything is so shiney and slick.I walked up to the mail box and found that the lock was frozen. I was trying to bust in when I realized the mail people couldn't have opened it to get anything in either. I went home and got my room mate and the dogs to take a walk with me...we went a whole block before everyone was shivering. I then resumed my day on the computer. And am so looking forward to American Idol tonight. I'm getting a touch of cabin fever, but planning to venture out further tomorrow.

Erin said...

Hmmmmm....what I did today? What the hell did I do today? That is a really good question. I sat my butt on the couch, played on the computer (my space), took a brief walk... and decided it was too cold and way over rated, I sat some more on the couch and on the computer.....hmmmmm..... YEP.... that is about it! Is that exciting enough for ya? LOL Man, tomorrow I am going to do something exciting.....I swear! Never thought I would say this.....but when can we go back to work?