Saturday, December 23, 2006


One of the most traumatic parts of moving to a new town is trying to figure out where to get your hair cut. I was very lucky that I found the right place to go the first time out! I had been driving by Avalon hair salon all the time when I first moved to Austin. I actually tried to go to another place as a walk-in and they couldn't take me. I remembered Avalon and walked over there and they said that Anna had a spot later in the day! The first time around I decided to play it safe and just get my hair trimmed. She did a really good job, so when I went yesterday, I decided I could be a little more bold, since I now trusted her. She takes her time and is not upset if you ask her to trim a little more after she is done. She cut my hair just the way I wanted it! I would highly recommend Avalon and especially Anna!

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